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The Solution to Air Conditioning Issues – Get a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat for your air conditioning system is an excellent piece of equipment. It offers multiple advantages, and more and more people have been installing them over the last three years. However, a recent study published by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab revealed that nearly 90% of Americans rarely (or never) use their programmable thermostat because they don't know how to. Central Air Conditioning Units are Better with a Programmable Thermostat The average household spends thousands of dollars each year on energy bills. Did you know that almost half of that money… Read More

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Unexpected Tips To Keep Your HVAC Costs Down

Pennsylvania is home to all types of weather given its continental climate. Unlike those who simply bask in the constant sun and 70 degree weather of Southern California, for better or worse, there are definitely four distinct seasons. The most extreme of these, summer and winter, bring challenges to those who like to stay comfortable in and around our homes, which is why it is imperative to make sure your heating and cooling systems are running at peak efficiency for when the most inclement weather actually does visit your area. That might mean making some counterintuitive choices,… Read More

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Last Minute Tips To Get Your AC to Save You Money

Are your electricity bills astronomical in the summer? Do they seem to be getting higher and higher, for some reason? Does the air coming from your unit sometimes seem lack a timid cool breeze instead of a cold blast that you need to cool your house? There is no doubt about it, it can get stifling in Newtown, PA; air conditioning on some days is a must. But using the AC unit can definitely add up. Here are a few tips for how to solve the problem of super high AC bills while surviving the worst of the summer heat. Look for Opportunities to not Turn on your AC At night, when it… Read More

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Summer Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Summer is just around the corner and that means that it is time to blow the dust out of AC units or switch the HVAC switch over to cool in the house. Either way, air conditioning needs to be serviced on a regular basis to make sure that it functions correctly making it less expensive to stay cool in the summer. There are a few air conditioning repairs that you might be able to handle on your own. However, only if you are having some basic problems. The following is a quick cheat sheet for some of the top summer air conditioning repair tips. Remember though that if you don’t know what… Read More

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7 Reasons AC Repair Will Lower Your Bills

We all want cheaper utility bills, but we also want the comfort of having the AC on during the hot sweltering summertime. The key to having a lower utility bill while keeping your AC on at full blast is in AC repair and maintenance.  The following is the top 7 reasons why AC repair will lower your utility bill. 1.  A cleaner AC Unit will have less work to do in blowing the cold air into your house.  If your AC is running hard, then it will cost more energy to do the same amount of work.  This means your bills will go up and eventually, you will run the risk of blowing the AC unit… Read More

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