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Unexpected Tips To Keep Your HVAC Costs Down

Pennsylvania is home to all types of weather given its continental climate. Unlike those who simply bask in the constant sun and 70 degree weather of Southern California, for better or worse, there are definitely four distinct seasons. The most extreme of these, summer and winter, bring challenges to those who like to stay comfortable in and around our homes, which is why it is imperative to make sure your heating and cooling systems are running at peak efficiency for when the most inclement weather actually does visit your area. That might mean making some counterintuitive choices,… Read More

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How Lowering Your Heat Could Help You Lose Weight

If you've been trying to drop a few pounds, as well as a few dollars on your energy bill this coming winter, you may be in luck. According to a study recently published by the American Diabetes Association, just by turning down your thermostat, you can get your metabolism moving faster. The research shows that sleeping in a cool environment actually jump starts your metabolism and helps you burn calories while you sleep. Although turning down your heat by a few degrees probably won't miraculously make your extra weight disappear, it could very well help you in your weight loss program,… Read More

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Why It’s Not Too Early To Check if Your Furnace is Working Properly

The summer is finally starting to wind down, and even though the daytime temperatures are just as hot as ever, many homeowners are starting to think about what they need to do to before turning on the furnace. And nope, it isn't too early to start thinking about this -- in fact, getting your HVAC system up and running now, before you're even thinking about turning on your heat, is the best way to make sure that everything is running smoothly (and if something needs to be fixed, you have plenty of time to look up your local HVAC repair services and get the problem solved). So what exactly… Read More

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Southampton PA Heating And Air Conditioning Southampton HVAC Repair

There are several things you should look for in a Southampton HVAC heating and air conditioning service. Plus several tips to help you in inspecting your unit so that you can keep things in tip top shape and not have to face costly repairs. Inspecting your air conditioning and heating unit will also keep costs down so that you save money on utility bills. Seven Tips to get you started 1.       Inspect your unit for water stains and for leakage evidence 2.       Check your ducts, filters, coils and blowers for objects that might be obstructing air flow 3.      … Read More

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10 Tips How To Repair Heating And Air Conditioning

The temperature in your home is a vital and critical part of the day-to-day enjoyment and comfort of your dwelling. Whether you are trying to keep warm or stay cool, having the best heating and air-conditioning solutions working for you can ensure that you are more than content with your home during the season’s most miserable seasons. Here are 10 tips on how to make sure you are getting the best service from your heating and cooling systems and enhance the cosiness of your property. 1) In the daytime during the summer, keep your windows covered to make sure to block the heat from… Read More

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How To Control Your Heating Bill And Stay Warm

The Best Settings To Keep You Comfortable This Season Saving money while staying comfortable is one goal that most of us have in common. If your thermostat is set too high or too low, depending on the season, you’re probably spending quite a bit of money on your electric and/or gas bill. So, what settings should you use to stay comfortable and still keep some cash in your wallet? This quick guide can help throughout the year. In Warmer Months . . . Late spring and summer bring hot temperatures outside, which also will heat up your home quickly. The temptation is to turn the thermostat… Read More

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Welcome to the new All Seasons Comfort Control blog!

Here at All Seasons Comfort Control, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer care and satisfaction. We created this blog to extend that service by creating helpful articles for your home and introduce the great new American Standard products we will be carrying. So check back shortly and thanks for visiting our new blog. Read More

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